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Seattle Auto Show - Jeep FAIL!

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Jeep continues to shoot itself in the foot! So here's the story...

Saturday, I stop at my local Jeep dealer to ask the perennial question, "Where's the @#[email protected]%^! Cherokee?" The Sales Manager tells me, "Well we don't have any yet, but there is one at the Seattle Auto Show!" Says I, "Cool! I'll head down tomorrow because I want to see it up close and to sit in it."

So this morning, I change my plans radically, drive in to Seattle, battle traffic, battle parking, buy the ticket, and wander all over the hall trying to find Jeep. After about 15 minutes of wandering, I finally spot them over in a back corner. And...

Immediately award them the "Marketing Morons of 2014" award... There it is. In a nice gray. On a platform. With the sign, "Please Stay Off The Platform"!!!!

Here's a pic for your viewing dis-pleasure:

So I can't see it up close and personal, can't touch it, and can't sit in it. And then Mr marketing jock in the cheap suit starts blathering about the wonders of the Cherokee! I go through major hassles and waste $24 to see one car and all I get is more marketing spam!

I've had it with Jeep. The Cherokee is off my list. It's obvious that they don't know how to run their company. Good luck to you folks who want to take the risk.



p.s. As a comparison of the right way to market a car, here's a pic that I shot of the new Tesla. My apologies for the quality, but taking the pic was very difficult because of the poor lighting and I was dodging at least 30 people crowding around to get close to the car. Tesla is brave enough to let kids and adults crawl all through their $90K car (it was the top end model), but Jeep is too terrified to let potential customers even touch theirs. Arrrrgh! So stupid!

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that would of pissed me right of not being able to be close to the cherokee. Why the **** would they not let anybody sit in one. what was the reason did you ask?
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