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Seat swap?

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Alright guys, I have a 2019 TH with no added options. It has the vinyl trimmed cloth seats. I have access to a totaled out 2017 model with the perforated leather, heat, and ventilation. It is getting towed away in the next couple days. Here’s my question: can I make the 2017 seats work in my 2019? I know they will physically fit, and I’m sure I could get the drivers power adjustments to function. But is it possible to activate the heat and vent functions? If so, what do I need other than the seats? I can see the connectors have more wires to accommodate the extra stuff, so is there an additional module and wire harness if need to pull out of the totaled vehicle? I’ll probably do the swap, even if I can’t get the extra features to work, just because I really like the leather.
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A quick update: the seats are in. I ended up having to buy the seat bottom and seat back harnesses for the driver seat for my model year Jeep. I remembered to save the bottom harness off my old passenger seat, and was able to splice a connector in to fit the different air bag connector in the seat back harness. Afterwards, my dealer had to do a proxie alignment to get it to recognize the new airbags and seat modules. Everything is now good with no codes. The power drivers seat functions properly. Unfortunately, when we tried to add the sales code and flash the system for the dealer heated seat option, it damn near bricked the system. It took my tech (I work at a Jeep dealer) the better part of 30 minutes to undo that, remove the sales code from the database, and restore the Jeep to working condition. So no factory controls currently for the heat and ventilation. At this point my plan is to buy the correct passenger seat harness so that both seats are fully correct. Then I will either buy AlphaOBD and see what I can make work, or I may just trace the power wires for the heaters and vent fans and run a custom switch panel with relays to operate them manually. I haven’t decided on that yet. Worst case scenario is that I now have very nice, functional, leather seats with a fold flat passenger seat (didn’t have that before) and the adjustable, sliding rear seats, but no heat/vent. Best case scenario, I may be able to figure this out and get the extra features working. View attachment 216081
Did you ever get the vent and heat functions working? Looking to do this as well. Any wire colors would help me tremendously.
Thank you
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