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Seat swap?

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Alright guys, I have a 2019 TH with no added options. It has the vinyl trimmed cloth seats. I have access to a totaled out 2017 model with the perforated leather, heat, and ventilation. It is getting towed away in the next couple days. Here’s my question: can I make the 2017 seats work in my 2019? I know they will physically fit, and I’m sure I could get the drivers power adjustments to function. But is it possible to activate the heat and vent functions? If so, what do I need other than the seats? I can see the connectors have more wires to accommodate the extra stuff, so is there an additional module and wire harness if need to pull out of the totaled vehicle? I’ll probably do the swap, even if I can’t get the extra features to work, just because I really like the leather.
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I would focus on getting the functionality back that was on the original seats in your TH, adding memory, ventilation, etc. that didn't come with yours may be a real pain...
Looks good!
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Thank you! I’m very pleased so far. It’ll be a nice bonus if I can get the other features working.
You might try comparing the part numbers for the '17 and '19 seat modules, they may have changed... I know the '19 lost the fold flat when ventilated, but gained passenger power adjustment.
I'm hoping you get this sorted out, to me the fold flat would be useful! You might want to do a careful gander on the seat module wiring, they are probably tied into one of the network busses which you might not have needed with the your factory ones. Jeep's wiring diagrams are a bit odd, you need to look at more than just the power diagrams, they have separate diagrams for the network busses.

Question does the '17 passenger have the storage compartment under the butt cushion?
Go to the MOPAR Technical Service Portal (TSP)
(used to be tech authority), you can get a short term subscription ($37 for 3 days), and download all the factory service and wiring you want... :cool:
Now that Stellantis has integrated the new address is here: MOPAR Technical Service Portal (TSP)
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