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sales option code for factory trailer tow on 2019+ cherokees?

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Can someone that has trailer tow on their 2019+ cherokee (@Flybynightcru) go to their build sheet and list all the sales code options that are tied to trailer towing? I want to make sure I know the right ones. It may just be "AHT". Based on my internet research there is also an "AHC" code for some vehicles instead of the AHT.

I also see XEY "Trailer tow wiring harness" and XFU "Trailer tow w/4 pin connector wiring" online.
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Does one required a dealer trip to add the AHT sale codes to enable trailer tow in the BCM, or can AlfaOBD be used?

I have AlfaOBD, but I do not see any enabling options for the trailer lights, so I am assuming after adding the AHT sale code, those options become available.

Thanks, Glenn
2019 Trailhawk Elite, 2.0T
I finally went to the dealer and added the AHT sales code, and had them enable my trailer lights. Afterwards, I did another BCM scan with AlfaOBD, but didn't see any obvious change. I do not think AlfaOBD has the feature / car configuration option, for enabling trailer lights on a 2019 TH Eliter, 2.0T.
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