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RRO Winch Kit & TH V6 w/Technology Package

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any success with RRO's winch kit and the a V6 TH w/technology package (collision detection, lane sense, etc. - the eye and sensors on the bumper)?

I have read over the older threads and haven't seen anything speaking exactly to the sensors.

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What is their shop like? If its anything like their website, might explain things not being right. Not to poke too much fun but there are typos everywhere, almost looks like an email from a Nigerian Prince.
Actually the shop is very professional. Upstairs is the office and the shipping is handled by one gentleman downstairs on the left of the warehouse. Everything is fairly organized. But it's maybe a 20 man crew for all the products they produce. They are working on a new website currently. Something far less dated.

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That's good to hear, the quality of the website and product descriptions put me off a little. It doesn't bother me that its outdated, the descriptions suck.
My understanding is the owner has had the old website for quite some time. The new website is being made by the operations manager Matt.

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