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RRO Winch Kit & TH V6 w/Technology Package

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any success with RRO's winch kit and the a V6 TH w/technology package (collision detection, lane sense, etc. - the eye and sensors on the bumper)?

I have read over the older threads and haven't seen anything speaking exactly to the sensors.

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Len1304, really appreciate all your effort here on a tech package compatible RRO bumper guard / winch kit. Great pics and great work!

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Look what I got in the mail today. The sensor holes are much larger, the winch control box holes are now elongated in addition they added one off to the side so you can offset mount it to make it easier to get to the hood latch. Since I'm having heart surgery tomorrow and it's raining all week I won't likely get to it for a few weeks. But I'll update everyone when I do get the new one mounted.

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Good luck with the install Len1304. And you will be in my thoughts and prayers for your surgery. From your post sounded like that might have been today. Hope all is well and you get back to your fine jeep real soon.

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