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RRO Winch Kit & TH V6 w/Technology Package

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any success with RRO's winch kit and the a V6 TH w/technology package (collision detection, lane sense, etc. - the eye and sensors on the bumper)?

I have read over the older threads and haven't seen anything speaking exactly to the sensors.

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Since I'm having heart surgery tomorrow and it's raining all week I won't likely get to it for a few weeks.
Best of luck with the surgery. Rest and get better afterwards!
I haven't been through the procedure but yeah, when they knick ya in the groin and run up to your heart that can't be fun. Cath lab people also have cold hands. Hopefully, they'll get some things worked out for ya. My old man had plenty of procedures (cath lab, heart surgery, pacemaker)..... not fun but lots of good technology to help you with.

Be safe Len!
I've emailed and offered my TH up to them for work but never received any response. I'm just over the mountain from them and in fact, my TH was there yesterday picking up sliders. They could have stuck a tape measure to it and had a little hands on but I guess they have what they need at this point.
@Len1304 Len, when you pulled the front bumper off, were there any connections to the interior airbags that you had to be careful with?
I didn't have any issues when I pulled mine off to install my blue tow brackets. All the electrical connections are on the driver side with a single clip. there may have been a second for the eyeball but no issues removing it.

Easy to remove in a matter of minutes. I also have the tech package.
It's just unplug and plug back in then? Great thanks...
Yup - 15min and you'll be looking at your bumper frame.
1 - 5 of 180 Posts
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