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RRO Winch Kit & TH V6 w/Technology Package

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any success with RRO's winch kit and the a V6 TH w/technology package (collision detection, lane sense, etc. - the eye and sensors on the bumper)?

I have read over the older threads and haven't seen anything speaking exactly to the sensors.

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Keep us updated as you trek home - very interested to be sure ALL of the functionality of the sensors, "eye", auto cruise control etc work as expected. I don't suspect moving the eye and inch or two any direction would truly affect things, but first hand reports are always better! Can't wait to see pics as well!
Hey guys, it was brought up that the RRO rocker panel sliders (whatever) had a problem rusting after only 5 weeks of being mounted. I'm worried if the same paint job is used on the front bumper that is used on the rocker panels, then maybe I should have the bumper Line-X before I install it. I'm fixing to turn the Jeep in to have the bumper install on Saturday. Before I do that, I wanted to get everyone's opinion on the paint/quality of the push bumper who already has one. I haven't read or heard of any type of warranty that RRO gives on their bumpers.

I have not had any issues with rust on my rails and checked esp at joint points. I'd honestly say, esp for the bumper, it all depends on how rough you are planning to get. Occasional brush scrapes etc should be no iuse for their finish; if it's going to get bashed in rougher terrain then yeah, I'd put on an additional finish and plan on touch ups.
Also, @FlyinRob901 if you mean that your bumper doesn't have the mounting tabs for lights you might want to contact RRO as it should have. If I'm not mistaken they ALL have the tabs or at least I think the winch variations do because once the control box is there you have no choice but to relocate the lights.

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I think he meant the front tabs - believe those are part of the plate mount when it's on in front of the lead?
^^^ What taatmk said!! Best of luck to you and a quick recovery!
Gotta love R&D by trial and error! Bless you for working through this and hopefully in the end there will be a product they can reliably reproduce! I know it's on my wish list!
Nice job and quick install - will this still require the 'mod' to the ACC eye - and how is that holding up for you once you got it adjusted etc? I'm starting to get really excited this might happen!
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