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RRO Winch Kit & TH V6 w/Technology Package

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any success with RRO's winch kit and the a V6 TH w/technology package (collision detection, lane sense, etc. - the eye and sensors on the bumper)?

I have read over the older threads and haven't seen anything speaking exactly to the sensors.

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@Len1304 Many many thanks for your wonderful efforts in getting a tech package winch set up from RRO. I'm in when the product is ready to ship. We should get a group buy going again.....
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This particular thread is to update people on the progress of a legitimate RRO fully tech package compatible system.
I, for one, am really looking forward to this new product!!
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Waiting patiently (impatiently :) ) for this to become available for those of us with tech package....
@Len1304 This is a good product to keep your synthetic winch line from getting dinged up....
Any info or progress report on how your testing is coming along?
I'm having heart surgery on the 8th ......
Best wishes on that...that can't be too much fun.
Look what I got in the mail today. The sensor holes are much larger, the winch control box holes are now elongated in addition they added one off to the side so you can offset mount it to make it easier to get to the hood latch. Since I'm having heart surgery tomorrow and it's raining all week I won't likely get to it for a few weeks. But I'll update everyone when I do get the new one mounted.
Yeah! It finally came! Best of luck on your surgery; great time to let the wife or significant other doddle over you. :)
We'll anxiously await a healthy recover and your return to the world of the KL...
Alright. Assuming I'm not in too much pain I'm gonna attempt to put the new bumper on tomorrow morning before it gets too hot. I'm told it's just a few bolts and everything should like slide out and slide back in. I'm really hoping its that easy cause I don't think I can handle more than and hour or so working on this. But I will update everyone when/if I get it installed tomorrow morning.
Fingers crossed for you. Hope it works out ok!!
@Len1304 Your luck will get better. Its bound to.
@Len1304 Thanks as always, for the updates...
I've been to their shop as well, to pick up my rock rails in person to avoid shipping costs. I live about 50 miles away. The shopped looked very professional. The upstairs offices are not modern and richly appointed by any means, but it looks functional. There must have been at least over 50 rock rails being worked on in their shop. The staff were very accommodating to me when I received the rock rails. I had no issues with the installation and have put those to good use. They have paid for themselves on many back roads.
...the sensor holes are now in the properly place and the good news is with everything mounted and in it's place the hood closes AND the sensors now work.
Overall I'm VERY happy with the install.
Nice to hear! Thanks for your efforts in keeping us all informed!!!
Most definitely interested in a tech package group buy!!
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@Len1304 Len, when you pulled the front bumper off, were there any connections to the interior airbags that you had to be careful with?
Easy to remove in a matter of minutes. I also have the tech package.
It's just unplug and plug back in then? Great thanks...
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