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RRO Cherokee KL Super Sliders with covers unused 650 Southern California pick up

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I waited a LOOOONG time to get these and by the time they arrived I decided I don't need/want them. They are brand new never installed. One set has some scratching where they poked through the shipping material. I will not ship them so I'm looking for someone who wants to pick them up, I'm in Ventura County. $650 includes all installation hardware and covers. They cost about 880 with shipping from RRO.
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Just curious how long. I ordered some on 11/2 (like 2 months) and still waiting. I was going to give them a call in a week or two to find out. Have even considered cancelling and going to frog fab if they are any faster.
Ordered in May, received in December.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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