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Review of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Elite

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Actually, I just picked up one yesterday ... 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Elite, Firecracker Red, all packages including stereo upgrade and rock rails. V6. Love it.

Turned in the one I have pictured, above, which was a 2015.

Overall, I love the new design and the LED headlights and fog lights are literally a night and day difference from the outgoing halogen or Xenon. Fit-and-finish issues regarding interior and exterior trim, however, remain a problem...especially where weather stripping meets interior trim, and vice versa,. Not much of a problem but, given the cost of the vehicle, I consider it a bit of a problem that should have been addressed with this update before the vehicle is updated from the ground up.

I did have the V6 in my old one as well and I can say the 9-speed automatic transmission is more refined in this iteration. This is the first iteration that has Hardware improvements in combination with the software Improvement. So it definitely feels like a better transmission without a doubt. I do notice less creaking from anywhere in the vehicle while driving as well. Road noise continues to be very well muted. The new navigation system is much more hi-def and much more responsive.

Having said that great vehicle and very well built. Extremely rugged. Already have a brand new rock chip on the front hood; thought the paint would be a little harder considering I didn't have one rock chip in three years with the black Crystal metallic...and that was a soft paint color.

Question for anyone having a 2019 Cherokee that has the auto dimming rear view mirror with Uconnect Sirius Guardian.:

Does anyone have the light lit up green to indicate that the photochromatic mirror is actively on or on standby. I've confirmed that the autochromatic dimming mirror works, but there is no indication on the mirror itself that it's either on or off, other than seeing the benefits of it when it is working. Is that light LED ever supposed to be active on the mirror itself and be lit up?
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