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Request some honest advise from Jeep Cherokee owners on my recent purchase

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I am trying to seek some help from people who have knowledge of Jeep Cherokee. I am planning to buy a used Jeep Cherokee model of 2016 with a V6 3.2 engine. It has 32k miles on it and is fully loaded with features at a good price. But there has been some issue with the factory fitted tow hitch in the Cherokee I test drive today. It has some rust on it which has been disturbing my mind. I asked the dealer about it and they said that it is normal in cars in New England region to have some rust and it cant be covered in warranty. For your knowledge this is a certified vehicle from Jeep and they claim 7 years/100k miles powertrain warranty but does not cover this rust thing. Is there a possibility that this rust spread to other areas of the vehicle with time and corrode things like chassis and stuff. Please let me know what you guys think. Should I drop this deal or it is not a deal breaker. Also I have another concern that whether the vehicle has been used for heavy towing in past creating any engine or weakening the engine.

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Agree with above, KEEP the hitch. Its great for a bike racks as well as storage racks for traveling with things you do not want in the Jeep. The warranty is great, your covered 7 years after the service date. Also suggest to cruise around this site, Most are great. Mine, not so great. Search results for query: problems with 2016.
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