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Remote start not working when really cold out 2020 Hawk

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Last few weeks have been brutal with highs in the negative. Of course when needed most my remote start would crank, start then turn off in seconds. Called dealer and they've received many calls with the same problem. They had a service bulletin saying the run/start relay K9, made by"Song Chuan" is at fault. The mopar replacement was back-ordered so they found a equivalent substitute from NAPA and put it in, even though they were supposed to wait for a genuine factory part. Problem solved. I've found a dealership that truly cares about the customer's situation. So how can a simple relay not work when extremely cold? They either make contact or they don't.
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So how can a simple relay not work when extremely cold? They either make contact or they don't.
Best guess ... bad combination of mechanical tolerances, materials used and/or weak electromagnet. Most materials expand/contract due to heat/cold, some more than others. If the tolerances were too tight this might cause binding or increased force to move when cold. If the electromagnet isn't strong enough it may not be able to overcome the force needed to close the contacts.
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Or just crappy relays to begin with. If I owned any 2020-2021, I'm changing every relay in the car with quality replacements. Song Chaun huh, naw, I'm sticking with Bosch. You can probably change every single one for less than $100...😎
This is what the Owner's Manual says: "• Remote Start Aborted — Too Cold"
Doesn't say what temperature is too cold.
Mine did the same thing on Dec.15th,dealer replaced 7 relays with Denso brand.
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Yep, the OEM on my '19 is Denso...
Mine too...😎
Something is not right. I used my remote at -34 C for several days. The only thing that wouldn't turn on is the heated steering wheel (of course)...but I figured out if you don't have the seats and steering wheel turn on automatically with remote starts, it would turn on when I did it manually. Screw you mr snowman...
See if this relates:
Too cold for remote start? Post #4
Especially the condition of the battery.
If battery voltage is considered and it is really cold (like 20 degrees F for me) then maybe the battery voltage is preventing remote start and not the outside temperature.
If somebody installed a battery heat wrap that may provide a clue.
I am just guessing. I used remote start when my Cherokee was new just to see if it worked, it did, haven't used remote start since.
Fortunately I have a choice, when it is cold outside I stay in the house.
Refer to this link: Remote start, no start
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