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Reliable Oil Filter Housing manufacturers

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Hi, looking for some good alternatives to Dorman's aluminium oil filter & cooler housing.
My TH is at 72k and it's time to change it.
The issue is I can't find Dorman 926-876 anywhere, and their shipping dates are all in June.
Looking for community opinion as buying random brands on Amazon is not a lucrative ioption.

BTW: does anyone have any experience with this one? More Information for SKP SK926959
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Just curious...

Went looking and noticed there are 2 distinct Dorman part numbers for this assembly : 926-959 and 926-876.
So what's the difference ? As far as I can tell, 926-959 is the complete assembly with cooler and filter cap and all gaskets, while 926-876 is just the housing with all the gaskets. If you get 876, you need to install your old cooler on the new housing.

SKP is made in China. Not sure if it's an issue.

Perhaps get a plastic one if no Dorman available, though I see 926-959 available on RockAuto right now. A bit more expensive than the 876 (because it has a cooler), but available..

Edit to add : notice how SKP copied the Dorman part number...(926959)...
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