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Reliable Oil Filter Housing manufacturers

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Hi, looking for some good alternatives to Dorman's aluminium oil filter & cooler housing.
My TH is at 72k and it's time to change it.
The issue is I can't find Dorman 926-876 anywhere, and their shipping dates are all in June.
Looking for community opinion as buying random brands on Amazon is not a lucrative ioption.

BTW: does anyone have any experience with this one? More Information for SKP SK926959
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I think the plastic oil cooler is basically ok.
The "O" rings can leak and let engine oil and coolant intermix and/or leak externally.
Over torqueing the oil filter cap can crack the housing.
I have a paint line on my oil filter housing so I know when it is torqued correctly.
I change my own oil so I know the cap is tightened correctly.
Eventually plastic can crack from old age and heat. Happened on my Oldsmobile radiator decades ago.
Generally I prefer to use Mopar OEM replacement parts. They are Warranted by FCA and the mechanics know how to replace them.
So far I have found OEM parts to be of good quality. Went with Bilstein B6 struts and shocks because I know Bilstein is superior to any OEM part.

So to answer your question: no.
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