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Rear windows wont go up or down (no, not locked)

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I suppose this question goes here:
So my son tried opening his window today and asked me to unlock it- It wasn't locked. no up, no down. tried from the front, locked and unlocked. nothing. :huh:
am I missing something? Thanks for any assistance.
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Any updates?
yeah curious on that myself. Hate it when I see the complaint but don't see what the solution was. It helps incase someone else might have the same problem we could help that person out.
I'm an hour away from dealer we ordered my wife's Cherokee from but will have it serviced at a dealer 13 miles from house. I don't buy from the closest dealer due to fact he doesn't give squat for trade in but has a great service department. So I can somewhat understand how far you have to travel.
Well today is the big day for finding out what's up. Good luck.
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That's great news!
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