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Do you find your Jeep Cherokee comfortable to drive?

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Really Liking our Trailhawks Comfort.

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Disclaimer: Only 1 week in, so very little experience with it so far. :whistle:

However, what REALLY stands out a lot for me is how comfortable it is for its price point and off road character. I previously drove a couple Yukon’s and an Escalade over the previous 20 years. Huge, plenty of utility options, tow a ton, and SUPER comfortable. Room for our family of 6. Loved all three of them. With my bad back and neck, I appreciated their comfort a lot, particularly on long trips.

Switched to a BMW X3 when I downsized in 2020 (kids all young adults) when I retired. Fun sporty little thing BUT not much utility capability and very UNcomfortable on long trips. Just horrible in that regard. My back and neck were not happy campers with that vehicle, even if I otherwise loved it.

Decided on a whim after eyeing these Cherokee Trailhawks for years to sell the X3 and grab a TH last weekend. Had come across my favorite color combo at a nearby dealership, and it had all the minimum features I needed (only missing 2 I wanted). I was blown away by how comfortable it was on the weekend test drive.

After driving it up north in Michigan (2 hours road trip), I like its comfort even more. 100% better than the X3 it replaced, and my neck and back are much happier with me. :love:

Anyone considering one of these, and curious about comfort, do a test drive! You wont be disappointed - especially for its price point. Of course it’s not quite in the Yukon league, and certainly not the Escalade. However, very few vehicles are, and the price points on those are double. And realistically, I‘m not sure its too far off from those pricey supersized comfort wagons.

For the money, practicality, utility, and off road possibilities, the Cherokee Trailhawk is really stealing my heart. And besides, they look so fricken cool!!! :cool:
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I think that's actually called ACC, Adaptive Cruise Control...😉😎
I think ICC is what Nissan calls it but yes it's the same thing as ACC.
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100%! Absolutely one of my greatest pet peeves when driving. That and people in the right hand passing lane, doing the same speed as the person next to them in the left hand lane. D’oh!
The left lane is the passing lane.(y)
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I've never tried the TOYOS but you might want to look at the Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws. I live in the mountains and I run them on all my vehicles. Fairly quiet on the freeway and handle the snow,ice & rain with no problems.
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Tire Cloud Wheel Sky Vehicle

You will never get it all off the car either LOL! My 31 a few years back.
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