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Do you find your Jeep Cherokee comfortable to drive?

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Really Liking our Trailhawks Comfort.

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Disclaimer: Only 1 week in, so very little experience with it so far. :whistle:

However, what REALLY stands out a lot for me is how comfortable it is for its price point and off road character. I previously drove a couple Yukon’s and an Escalade over the previous 20 years. Huge, plenty of utility options, tow a ton, and SUPER comfortable. Room for our family of 6. Loved all three of them. With my bad back and neck, I appreciated their comfort a lot, particularly on long trips.

Switched to a BMW X3 when I downsized in 2020 (kids all young adults) when I retired. Fun sporty little thing BUT not much utility capability and very UNcomfortable on long trips. Just horrible in that regard. My back and neck were not happy campers with that vehicle, even if I otherwise loved it.

Decided on a whim after eyeing these Cherokee Trailhawks for years to sell the X3 and grab a TH last weekend. Had come across my favorite color combo at a nearby dealership, and it had all the minimum features I needed (only missing 2 I wanted). I was blown away by how comfortable it was on the weekend test drive.

After driving it up north in Michigan (2 hours road trip), I like its comfort even more. 100% better than the X3 it replaced, and my neck and back are much happier with me. :love:

Anyone considering one of these, and curious about comfort, do a test drive! You wont be disappointed - especially for its price point. Of course it’s not quite in the Yukon league, and certainly not the Escalade. However, very few vehicles are, and the price points on those are double. And realistically, I‘m not sure its too far off from those pricey supersized comfort wagons.

For the money, practicality, utility, and off road possibilities, the Cherokee Trailhawk is really stealing my heart. And besides, they look so fricken cool!!! :cool:
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In fact the regular leather Cherokee seats (the non vented ones) are much more comfortable. That's the price I paid for ventilation. The cushion has to be stiffer so the air can get through.
Interesting. Mine does not have the ventilated seats, and it was one of the two features I had originally wanted. I miss having them from my Yukon and Escalade. My wife’s MKZ has them, and they work very well in her car. Since it didn’t seem to impact comfort in those vehicles, I had assumed it wouldn't in these. I guess I got “lucky” in not having them since comfort is one of my major needs. Interesting heads up for those that would prioritize the comfort of the seat.
I have used ACC on a few cars just to check it out. Not a fan at all!

I guess automatically speeding up and slowing down because the person in front of me cannot keep a constant speed on the freeway is just too dang annoying for me. I like setting cruise at a speed and going at a constant and predictable speed.

I have also wondered if ACC would hurt fuel efficiency…? It is inevitable to pile up behind an alternating speed person on the freeway with it. All that slowing down and then accelerating seems worse for fuel efficiency than just setting and holding the same speed. That said, I never ran it long enough to track mileage. I prefer not to have it, and if bundled with features, keep it off. Too annoying.
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Come on, pick a speed and drive it, it's not hard, especially when cruise control will do it for you. It's one of pet peeves while driving...
100%! Absolutely one of my greatest pet peeves when driving. That and people in the left hand passing lane, doing the same speed as the person next to them in the right hand lane. D’oh!
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The left lane is the passing lane.(y)
Ha, ha! What was I typing…thinking? Too funny. Went back and edited myself. My wife would say…par for the course with something I would type.
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I am not sure if I will do any additional off road mods. I wonder if road manners change with a 2" lift and the oversized off road tires? I am sure some of you know!:unsure:
This is where I am at in my thinking right now. I bought thinking I’d toss a 2” lift on it, and possibly some minor tweaks to accommodate a slightly larger tire. Now, enjoying how comfortable the ride is (exceeding my expectations), I am in a holding pattern with my thoughts on modifying it. I wouldn’t want to do anything that changed its ride, handling and comfort now that I have it.
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. As far as tires go, I chose to go with 245/70's, not a huge difference, and no cutting, trimming, and grinding required. Some have chosen to go bigger and wider, but my analysis is this, it just creates more risk for premature wear and tear on an already somewhat fragile drivetrain to begin with. As for the tires themselves, I researched them for about 6 months before I chose the Toyo Open Country A/T III's. I've run many sets of A/T's through the years, and these are by far the best. The balance between offroad, and excellent street manners is unmatched and impeccable.
Sounds like you found a nice balance in an A/Ttire for the TH. Taking note for when it’s time to replace the Destinations. Two follow up questions. 1 - what has been the MPG impact of switching to the Toyo’s? 2 - with them being a slightly different size, is the MPH accurate, or slightly off from programming? If off, how much?

Side note, I’ve appreciated your info in a variety of posts as a new TH owner. Thanks for your contributions and assistance to us TH newbies. (y)
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Great questions!!! Well as far as the speedometer, at 60mph it might be 1 1/2mph off, and at 80mph, which is about where I cruise at highway speed most of the time, it's about 2mph off. Fuel mileage was only noticeable at first when they were brand new, and it dropped 1-2, but after they broke in, it was relatively the same as with the stock Destinations. My mileage varies a lot because the 2.0T is just such a fun running engine to drive, and does vary substantially depending on how you drive it. Under normal conservative driving I generally average 23-24 mpg in the winter, and 24-25 in the summer, which is about normal, and I'm not super conservative most of the time. I can get as high as 27 mpg on road trips using the ACC set around 78 mpg, and maybe better if I slowed it down to 70, but our legal speed limit out here is 80mph outside of the metro areas...LOL!!!😉😎
Great info! Thanks! I have the V6 motor myself, but all good. It sounds like our driving is VERY similar, aside from me not using ACC and sticking with normal CC on long trips. Highways I set at 79 and go. Otherwise, I like accelerating, so I am not easy on the peddle. ;)

As a result I think I could probably assume number similar to what you stated above for both speedometer off-set AND the reduction in MPG (although my mpg will be overall less due to my V6). With such a minor impact, I am filing this away and saving this thread for when I eventually need to replace my Destinations. My only other consideration will be whether I get an actual winter tire (I LOVE Michelin ICE-X from previous experiences) or not. I know my Destinations are not as good at stopping as the ICE-X, so I might grab a set of them next fall for our Michigan winter weather.
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