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Real Pricing Thread for CANADIANS

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So we can all get a better deal, please post what you paid and what model/options you ordered/bought.

Here's mine:
White, V6, Trailhawk 4x4, every available option EXCEPT Tow package and CD player
$38044 + tax
1.99% Finance over 60 months.

On edit - I also got a MOPAR 2" hitch receiver and installation (no wiring) included in that price. I didn't want the tow package because of the reduced mpg, but we want to be able to use the hitch mounted bike rack for Mtn bikes, Kayak, etc. I have a 3500 RAM/Cummins for towing duties.
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Anvil Trailhawk with V6, leather, cold weather group, comfort/convenience group, technology group, single disk CD, NAV, sunroof. (i.e. - loaded except tow package and 9 speaker stereo upgrade)

MSRP $40,770.........paid $39,770, but also got an extra $2000 on my trade (2007 JGC Overland with 200,000 km's) compared to another Jeep dealer, so all in all I'm happy with it.

It literally came off the delivery truck when I took it for an extended test drive (5 hours) and then bought it that night. Kind of nice to buy "off the lot" so to speak and not have anyone else (test drive customer that is) ever drive it.

It was the second (based on dealer level tracking) Trailhawk sold in Calgary, and first from the dealership I bought from. Actually even the first Cherokee of any trim level with my insurance company as their system didn't even list it yet when I phoned it in.
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