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Real Pricing Thread for CANADIANS

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So we can all get a better deal, please post what you paid and what model/options you ordered/bought.

Here's mine:
White, V6, Trailhawk 4x4, every available option EXCEPT Tow package and CD player
$38044 + tax
1.99% Finance over 60 months.

On edit - I also got a MOPAR 2" hitch receiver and installation (no wiring) included in that price. I didn't want the tow package because of the reduced mpg, but we want to be able to use the hitch mounted bike rack for Mtn bikes, Kayak, etc. I have a 3500 RAM/Cummins for towing duties.
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ib516 - does that price include shipping and A/C tax?
I am impressed with that. I had negotiated (maybe poorly) a TH, 3.2 with all options but the tech package (had tow and command view roof) for $38500. I was going to reattack on a couple of the BS things I had missed ($250 for nitro!!), but decided to factory order instead.

Price for the factory order isn't yet finalized, so I think this thread will help.
Has anyone in Canada had luck negotiating down the extended warranty price? Seems to be more competitive in the USA for these.

I was quoted $1600 to bring the rest of the vehicle warranty up to the power train's 5/100,000. In other words 800/yr for the extra 2 yrs coverage.
I paid $1,355+GST to extend my warranty to 5/100,000, he claimed that was cost
Typical for me - a day late and a dollar short! I signed for the $1600 extended yesterday...
Agree on the risk/benefit of the extended warranty - it is the electronics that concern me the most. I got the tech package and have no experience on reliability of those components.

Joe, I also used the employee pricing discount which was about 2700 off msrp. Your wife should be able to log into the affiliate website and build one with the discount showing. To be honest, I think I could have done as well or better with old time negotiating. As it was I feel I got hosed on the things I would have been able to negotiate in: (warranty, rust, admin, PDI, security bs and tire warranty/nitro). The last two burn me but no luck moving them off it.
1 - 5 of 67 Posts
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