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purchasing 2019 cherokee trailhawk elite, warranty questions

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Hi I am purchasing a 2019 trailhawk elite with 49k on it from a dealership in NY, 3 hours from where I live as there are none around. This is a certified pre owned are there any warranty coverages still active on it? Dealer states just a 30 day warranty from them. Does anybody do the extended warranties on these things? I have two mechanics I totally trust and know about cars myself, just hate paying a lot of money on a car and want to know all the safety nets.


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Here is where I got my extended warranty, and it was much less expensive than the dealer was offering me. Good luck I have a 2019 Trail Hawk Elite and since I couldn't get a Turbo when we went to order again in 2021 I decided to keep my current 2019 and got the extended warranty. Chrysler Warranty Direct
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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