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Pulled over

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Our TH does not have the comfort/convenience package, but we do have the NAV package. So when my wife (who is used to automatic headlights) gets in last night for the first time at night, she didn't even think that it was only the DRL's on in front, and that she was driving with no lights.

So, when the policeman pulled her over, she couldn't imagine what she did wrong.

But, the TH came through again, and the cop was very nice and commented on how nice the Jeep was, and he let her go without any warnings or anything! (I know I would have been ticketed if it was me)
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I know it shuts the interior off automatically after a set time, would think it turns off the headlights also.
Auto headlights aren't the norm yet on lower end trims of many cars. If you want it that bad, pony up.
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