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Promo Venting

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Sorry if this doesn't belong here.

A couple weeks ago (like the first week of July) I get a card in the mail. Test drive a Jeep, get a $50 Amazon card.

Whoo, I love the chance to drive a Wrangler since my hubby won't let me own one.

I get a call a few days later from the sales guy, he wrote my code down wrong, opened a case with the promotions people at Chrysler. I called them, they are looking into it and will issue a new code if they need too.

Do dee do, I wait. Today I decide to call again. The promo is now closed, all 3000 cards have been given out so I am out of luck. I say to her, I was one of the first to show up, if there was an issue, a card should have been held for me.

All I get is "sorry there is nothing I can do"

I know it's a $50 gift card, but I was certain it was mine, I knew what I was going to get for my kids. This is a really crappy way to run a promo. I wonder how many other people got screwed?
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