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Poor Customer Service - Can you assist?

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Hey @CARiD,
I ordered from your site seeing you are a sponsor.....and the customer service I have received has been absolutely terrible!!!!

Start rant/

I ordered a Thule sidearm that had free shipping with the order, didn’t realize locks were not included so I went to place a second order the same day and noticed there was no free shipping. So just to see I added a Thule sidearm back to the order and confirmed I would’ve received free shipping on the two items if done as one order.

That same day I placed the first order I did a chat with support and told them the situation, she told me she couldn’t just add the lockss to the first order and I would have to make a second one. She told me to place the second order for the locks and then she would reimburse the shipping. So this is what I did. After placing the order she then tells me she couldn’t reimburse the shipping. Uhh what you just told me you would?!

I told her then I would just cancel both orders (Both are less than an hour old) then and place the orders together to get the free shipping for both itmes (Reminder I added both to my cart earlier to confirm I would get free shipping for both items when purchased together), magically she tells me she can then reimburse the shipping on the second order rather than cancel the two orders…Tells me 24 hours for a return….OK Perfect thank you…..3 days goes by, no return.

Spoke to support again, explained the situation, once again told no problem I would get the shipping reimbursed (Second time).

Later that day receive an email saying :”Unfortunately it could not be reimbursed but we will give you a 15 gift card”…..Great try and force me to buy more from the site and spend more money without reimbursing you.. I send back an email with the information of the situation again (Reminding them I have the chat from the original support tech who told me NOT to cancel the orders as they would just reimburse the shipping.) And once again told I would get reimbursed (Third time)….

Two days goes by and I get just $4 of my shipping reimbursed after being told 3 times I would get the full refund. Contact support AGAIN and I was told that was the best they could do but would also give me a 10 gift card….(10 dollar gift card plus 4 reimbursed is lower than my original 15 gift card I was offered, what is this lets make a deal?)

This is absolutely unacceptable. The service has been absolutely terrible, been lied to numerous times now. We wouldn’t even be in this situation if the support rep didn’t tell me to go this route.

At this point I think I deserve a gift card and the rest of my refund! Can you smack your customer service around and get this resolved?!?!?!

end rant/
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At this point, I'm almost ready to send the complete $190 order back over a measly 5 bucks because the service has been so bad. Love to see those who have helped me explain that one to the boss.
Appears CARID is nowhere to be found...They've been left "speechless"...OP, hope you get this taken care of....Good heads up on this vendor...Doesn't sound like anyone I'd want to do business with.

thank you,
@ cspaced

Thank you for contacting us directly. First of all, please accept our sincerest apologies for all the inconveniences you have experienced. Could you please provide your order number and email. This situation is way out of ordinary and we will definitely do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible. It is very sad to hear that we dropped the ball on this order, because we successfully process thousands of orders every day, and some of the forum members are our returning customers. The operator who served you received a reprimand for the inconvenience with the ordering process and such issue will never going to take place again.

We would be more than glad to get a chance to change your negative impression to highly positive. My name is Michael, and I am your representative here on the forum so if you guys have any questions in regards to the products or shopping process - feel free to contact me directly, I will provide you with all information and make sure all your orders are processed smoothly and quick.
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Michael, well done. This could possibly be one of the best public saves done by a company on a forum.

@cspaced: hope all works out well and let us know.
Hi Michael thanks for the response. I'll PM you the order numbers and email addy right after this. The items arrived fine and were exactly what I wanted, no issues there. Customer service that I've received is the issue. I spoke with another gentlemen yesterday about it and was once again told it would be passed on to the refund department for a refund. Hours later receive an email saying it is being looked into again. Yet still no remaining refund. SMH

And for the others the point of my post isn't to scare anyone away from using carid.com, I just needed assistance in getting this resolved and ran out of patience with calling support. The price was great and items were shipped in a timely manner and received with no issues.
Well never heard back from Michael...Took me two more emails to get it squared away with customer service.

In the end it took just over two weeks, handful of calls, who knows how many emails but I finally got the refund. Thumbs down on this experience.
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