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what was it that won your interest?

  • Exterior Looks

    Votes: 32 42.7%
  • Uconnect/ Sound System

    Votes: 11 14.7%
  • 4x4 Capabilities

    Votes: 33 44.0%
  • Interior Comfort/Space

    Votes: 26 34.7%
  • 9 Speed Transmission

    Votes: 8 10.7%
  • MPG

    Votes: 11 14.7%
  • Anything Else? If so, What is it?

    Votes: 14 18.7%

Poll: Your Favorite Feature

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Before you guys signed the paper, what won you over?

for me, it was the panoramic moonroof. (i didn't count that because its an option...same with the 4x4 but its too late to fix the poll lol)
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It's range of capabilities from on-road comfort, safety, economics and performance coupled with enough off-road prowess to go anywhere that I'd try to take it, make this a well-balanced vehicle. The size, features, and price point make it pretty ideal for me.

Now that I have one, my favorite characteristic is definitely the remarkable comfort. Love the way it drives.... But ****, the Jeep is so comfortable it's my favorite place to sit.
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1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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