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Plug and drive or plug, replace, and use plugged as spare?

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I was lucky and just happened to see a screw stuck in my rear tyre. I sprayed a bit of soapy wooder on it and I can see a tiny stream of bubbles. It's a pretty slow leak, but it's leaking nonetheless. AND the screw is on what would be considered the shoulder of the tyre so getting someone to patch it would be difficult at best.

I've decided I'm just going to use a plug kit and plug it up, but I'm wondering how everyone else has dealt with tyre plugs. Do you usually replace them soon or keep it plugged till it's time for a new set of tyres?

I'm torn cos this set only has about 10k kms on them and they look brand new. My spare is still the factory destination. I've read that I shouldn't patch tyre damage on shoulders or side walls.

My options are plug it and go, plug it and buy two new tyres and put them on one axle and keep the plugged tyre as a spare, or try to get my existing tyre patched professionally.

What are your thoughts?

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So here's the thing, I'm not opposed to getting it patched and plugged professionally. But the screw is on the shoulder of the tyre, so I predict most shops will recommend getting a new one.
Correct, most shops won't repair it when the screw is to close to the sidewall. If you can find a shop that will do it I'd give it a try but if not, self-repair is always an option. I've never tried it myself so have opinion on longevity.
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