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Please post your introductions here

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Welcome to JeepCherokeeClub!

We pride ourselves on being a friendly place for discussions about Jeep, Cherokees, and everything in between.

We ask that you both post an introduction here and introduce yourselves to our great community, and please also support our vendors that work hard to bring you the best products they can at the best prices they can.

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Hello. I figured I'd check in and introduce myself.

We just recently picked up a 2022 Cherokee Altitude w/ 3.2L, Convenience Group and Tow Package. We're in Canada so I'm not sure how this model aligns with other package elsewhere.

We did a bit of an unexpected purchase last month when we found out that Jeep would be ceasing production of the Cherokee soon and all the 2023 models coming in with mostly 2.4L 4 cylinder engines and the odd one with the 2.0T. We didn't want a Trailhawk model as we aren't off-roaders, but we would like off-road capability. The thought of waiting for a new model Cherokee with electrification was not something we were willing to do so here we are about two years early for this vehicle. We are in a rural area with some tough hills to navigate on the highways around here so we wanted to stay away from the 2.4L and wanted the ability to tow approximately 3000 lbs.

This Jeep was manufactured in November, 2022 and was fairly fresh when we looked into it in early January. The vehicle was at a another dealer and a had to be picked up for us. The dealer experience was top notch and everyone we worked with was amazing. It has since been outfitted for our needs with some accessories and steel winter wheels.

This is a our second Cherokee. We had a 1986 Cherokee XJ with 5 spd manual and 2.1L Turbo Diesel. Fantastic vehicle. We towed a 13' holiday trailer all through northern British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and parts of Alaska over some incredibly rough roads over a 10,000 KM trip. Arriving in Inuvik crossing the Arctic Circle was pretty amazing. After four years of ownership we sold the XJ since after the trip up north it became apparent that towing a trailer is not something we wanted to do and opted for a VW Syncro (4WD w/ diff locks) Westfailia camper van in which we travelled across Canada three different times taking different routes along with a lot of shorter trips.

We haven't used our new Cherokee much at this point, but we are looking forward to more travels soon. So far the Jeep has been good. We're pleased with the fit and finish, ergonomics and the way it handles. I've lurked on this forum for quite a while and I found the information here to be extremely valuable, so thanks to all for sharing this information.

We are minimalist people, so there's some things we didn't want or like but being near end of production, we had limited choices available to us. A Cherokee North would have been a more appropriate model for us, but none were available. The Sting-Grey colour is still something we are getting used to, but it's far from offensive!

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congrats and welcome to the forum! From the Okanagan valley in BC Canada…

I too was expected to get a 2022 North edition (it’s a company vehicle) but since there was none available, the closest fleet co. could find was an X so now I drive the X which is fine btw. mine has the safety & towing pkg. with black ext, black wheels and black int (basically black on black? or I’d call it “All Black”! Lol
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Hi everybody. I just signed on the dotted line TODAY & purchased a 2022 Cherokee Trailhawk Elite from a local dealer. I'm very excited and can't wait till early next week when I can bring it home :cool:
I traded a 2009 Ford Mustang GT convertible for it that had accumulated 195,000 km but was still in excellent shape. The dealer actually gave a really good offer on the trade so I'm happy!

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This is my 3rd Jeep. I had a '89 YJ Laredo with the carbureted 4.2 litre 6. Bought it quite used & found out the original owner took LOUSY care of it :cautious: so about a year later I traded it in for a 1993 YJ Renegade with the 4.0, that was lifted with nice mudder tires. Nice Jeep but the crappy fuel economy forced me to sell that one too, as I was putting in around $50 gas every few days..
Besides the Jeeps I've also had 5 Mustangs, and the last 2 were convertibles.
Personally I'm glad to be stepping up from a car back into a taller SUV, and am looking forward to lots of happy miles with this TH!

Looking forward to lots of good advice from you guys & this forum! :)
congrats and welcome to the forum! Good for you for grabbing one of the remaining Cherokees especially now that Stellantis/FCA has officially killed off the Cherokee!
Thanks guys am glad to be here :) Fluybynightcru, the window sticker says Sting Grey, whatever that is. I've been reading here that color takes a bit of getting used to, but I like it already!
I had a Mineral Grey 1986 Mustang GT as well as another grey one, the 2002 GT convertible. I guess I like grey :D
Hows the ride so far on those AT tires? Are they noisy?
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