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Please post your introductions here

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Welcome to JeepCherokeeClub!

We pride ourselves on being a friendly place for discussions about Jeep, Cherokees, and everything in between.

We ask that you both post an introduction here and introduce yourselves to our great community, and please also support our vendors that work hard to bring you the best products they can at the best prices they can.

From your moderator team,
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Currently own 2005 GC. Looking to replace it with the new Cherokee. Haven't seen one up close and personal, but the reviews are excellent. Cherokee Limited or Trailhawk?
You make a lot of sense, macfan. I did some homework comparing the two after building both. I also added the off road suspension to the Limited. I think that is best of both worlds. Saw the Cherokee yesterday on a car hauler, nice, real nice. I hope to drive one this weekend as the dealers here just got them this afternoon.
1 - 2 of 3398 Posts