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Photobucket Links Will Not Work

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Hello everyone, as some of you are already aware photo bucket has recently changed their policy in regards to URL linking as well as even downloading your own personal photos you've uploaded. The policy requires users to pay 400$ a year for the ability. At this time I personally can't recommend another photo bucket type website to host your photos from. The forum also allows you to upload photos but it's at a limited amount with just a standard account. If you find you've ran out of space using the forums built in upload ability you can subscribe to the forum with a premium membership. The alternative is to use TapaTalk via your mobile device. It'll work similar to photo bucket but will require you to use your mobile device and that comes with its own difficulties.

I personally just deleted my photo bucket account since they also removed the ability to download saved photos you've uploaded.
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It seems that only heavy Photobucket users are getting blocked. My img tags are still working. Perhaps it's when they sense a certain link back level that they block you?

FYI another free service would be Facebook. You can upload pics to an album and make the album viewable to only you, but still successfully img link the photos.
well, it looks like i spoke too soon. i got an email from photobucket this morning that my stuff is about to be blocked. disappointing, since i've been using them for 3rd party hosting for fifteen years now, give or take. lots of threads across several forums will no longer work properly, including several how-to's i did on a few mustang boards.
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