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Panel Gaps on my new Jeep Cherokee 2020

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Just got a new Jeep Cherokee 2020 high altitude and I love it so far except for a few thing! Why are there panel gaps on a new car?? Is this common with the Jeep assembly line? Also the hood was very difficult to close when I popped it open for the first time! It makes your mind go in the wrong direction and think was this car in an accident on a test drive?? Looking forward to your reply, thanks!


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FCA Spec;

View attachment 212059

Upper Fascia to Fender​
0.0 +/- 0.5​
0.0 +/- 0.5​
Yeah definitely way out of spec. An allowance of 0.5mm, and from the pic that gaps looks to be at least 3-4mm if not more.

Great info Desoto!

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