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Outfitting the trunk for overlanding

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Prompted by a question by @PunkTexas in the remove rear seat thread I figured I'd reply with a separate thread so to not clutter up the original.

I still haven't came across any pictures of a platform in the back area of a Cherokee with seats removed. If you or anyone can link me or point me in the right direction for overland setup in a Cherokee please do. Thanks.
I'm still working on my setup, but this is what I have so far. I'll post more pictures as the project progresses (slowly).

I've taken out the stock trunk floor and wheel well mold and made a new plywood platform. This is a temporary, quickly bodged-together setup on to of that platform.

This is the setup I've build in the wheel well space. Up left is a compressor, 2nd battery to the right of it. Below the compressor is a water pump with a 5 gal water tank in the middle. Storage rooms to the right and below the water tank, where the air hose, fuses, and a switch to turn on the air pump is located.

Another shot of a variant of the temporary setup, with the compressor in action.

Dimmable red/white LED lighting.

Carpeted flooring with access panels to the under-floor installations (held in place by magnets glued into the floor base). The fridge, which is accessible from the right rear door (seat removed), is visible to the upper right.

Halfway getting the stove and grill arrangement built.

Cooking arrangement in it's "transport" location. Back of fridge to the left.
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Custom build I did a while back for my 2014 Trailhawk. Just a small kitchen area for spending the day on the beach. Was designed around my 20L fridge/freezer. Mainly I wanted it all to fit in the back without needing to drop the seats while still being able to close the sliding cover in the rear. Also designed to be able to place the fridge on top of the box and still be able to close the lift gate if I need to use the space for additional storage. Planning to use the small storage area of the box for a 2nd battery which will allow me to run the fridge for at least a day.


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