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Ouray Jeep Jamboree - 14-16 SEP

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Anyone else signed up this year? [Or wants to meet up the day prior to run some trails - BBP, etc.]

I know a few folks went last year.

Hope I'm not the only KL.
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I was planning on visiting the area this year to hit some trails. Glad to know they have a meet so will definitely try to get there.

EDIT: So I did a search and found the site but shows TRIP SOLD OUT. I am hoping that is the previous trip and just haven't opened up for the September run yet.
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This is actually a good trail. After you get to the trail head, the rest is easy. There is a bypass to get around the wall. That was the toughest section of the trail. There were some obstacles but nothing a stock TH couldn't do. I believe the road in to the trailhead was worse than a lot of the trail.
We didn't pass anyone going down but I didn't see a sign saying it was one way either. There are plenty of places to pass anyone coming up if you are going down with more space than on the pass trails. If you do decide to go to the wall I would suggest going in from the where the trail splits for the bypass on the south end. That is if you want to go up the challenge rather than down.

I meant where the trail splits headed south, so the north end of the bypass.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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