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Hello KL owners.

Hope this is the right spot for this post.

I'm not new to Jeeps, but I am new to the Cherokee's. I owned, built up, and fixed the hell out of a 05 WK till it sunk.

That said I'm looking to trade in my vehicle for a '15 KL Trailhawk.

Best optioned one I can find in my city is a '15 Trailhawk with 58k miles for 18.5k-19.5k(more on that later)

It has remote start, the panoramic sunroof option(huge plus for me), nice brown leather interior in good shape. No scratches or dents, previously owned by a Jeep shop so maintenance was always done on it in house, on time. Suspension seems clunky but I'm planning on doing a Dobinson suspension refresh so not considering that a huge issue right now unless I hear otherwise.

Only BIG issue is the SVC 4WD message is on and it would not shift into 4 Low on the test drive. I experienced a few times the front tires spinning from a stop, which is telling me that the rear is not engaging like it should. (my WK had a similar 4x4/AWD system, if the rear slipped the front would spin instantly)

Dealer says they'll fix it before sale, I said call me if you do. Called me a few days later and says the "4 wheel drive failed" and they're going to put a "new one" in for 2.5k(Their cost) and raise the asking price 1k(19.5k total). I asked for receipts, and warranty confirmation for their work, He's supposed to email me that info soon. Still going to take it to my mechanic and have them look it over for extra piece of mind. But it would be nice to have a basically new 4x4 system on this Jeep and possible warranty coverage on it for a bit.

So, what would you do? I'm still going to talk down the price of course. But would you walk away, purchase it? Or run the hell away? Most other Trailhawks in my area are at much higher mileage around the same price. About 20k and 100k miles give or take.

Pic of my last Jeep, may it RIP :(


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Get them to through in a Mopar Max Care 8 year unlimited Milage no ded. warranty and your good to go. Otherwise Run.
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