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Offroad Comparison Test: Cherokee vs Subaru vs Mazda

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This offroad snow test, by auto123.com, is a little bit of an apples to oranges affair, since they are comparing TH to the Crosstrek and CX-3. Still, some of you may find it useful! Some excerpts and a link are below. There is also a video embedded in there, but it wasn't working for me.

"...What we’ve discovered here, principally, is that Mazda’s i-ACTIV AWD system is very good. We knew that the Crosstrek was going to do well, but it certainly did not teach the CX-3 any lessons. If anything, Subaru might want to glance over its shoulder as some of its competitors are taking AWD very seriously. The company’s available X-Mode might have evened the playing field as it greatly increases the vehicle’s off-road capabilities with the help of clever electronics, sending more power to the wheels that can help one out of trouble. Alas, it is only offered on the Forester and Outback for the moment.....The presence of the Jeep served more as a reminder of how far a small utility vehicle can go off-road without having to spring for a dreadfully uncomfortable Wrangler. In fact, the Cherokee Trailhawk can go so far that it got stuck and required the Crosstrek’s services to get it out…"

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But who says a Wrangler is "dreadfully uncomfortable"? Ours has heated leather bucket seats, just as comfortable as those in our Trailhawk, plus nav, power windows, all mod cons and such goodies as Mopar rock rails. It also has a longer wheelbase and higher ground clearance. The only downer is that Betty needs a step stool to climb into it! - Ted
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