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Official ordering thread

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In this thread, post when you ordered, when you receive your Cherokee, and any financial details of your deal that you are comfortable to share.

This should help all of us figure out how long we should be waiting and how much we should be paying.
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It has only been 3 years since the last post and there are no further ideas.
I have the same question and have never gotten an answer.
Since the new owner's name is on the Monrony sticker I suspect the people on the assembly line now the "build" is for a real person.
Maybe the real people are motivated to actually do a better job.
The robots don't have a clue and don't care.
I can't imagine people running around to find the best transmission or any other part.
The parts come from somewhere and show up on the assembly line at exactly the right time.
I think we get whatever we get and don't get to choose.
The vehicle is built by some process that I will never understand.
What I have found is that there are grease pencil marks all over my 2014 V6 TH factory order, so the inspectors are obviously checking everything they are supposed to check.
Hopefully if they find a problem it will get fixed.
I was hoping for a survey of us Club members to try and figure out if factory orders are better than off the lot buys.
The dealer has a long checklist for Pre Delivery Inspection, I suspect it never happens.
It is up to the customer to do Quality Control inspection and let the dealer fix anything the customer finds.
Hopefully we can get this post going again.
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Thanks for the great reply, that is exactly what I wanted to know.
Now I remember the "Just in Time" method manufacturer's use.
I am encouraged the dealer actually does a proper PDI. My dealer is real good so they probably did the job.
My sales person explained Uconnect and some of the features that were new to me.
I like to do my own PDI because it helps me understand my new vehicle better.
I didn't find anything wrong with my 2014 TH.
I watched the truck driver unload my Jeep and leave it at the dealer.
So I know it didn't have any abuse before I took delivery.
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