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North Carolina - "TrailHawkers"

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Hey Whats up ! just bought a new Cherokee Trailhawk which i want to put to a test and go do some off roading, my brother has a new Wrangler so i attended to some of the wrangler meetings but I wonder if possible have a Cherokee Metting ! ? :wink:
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Durham checking here, I'm Black on Black and will wave!!
Saw a Mango TH with black wheels here in Durham with a U Haul trailer in tow any Clubbers recently move to the area?
This thread isn't very active. I'm in Fayetteville/ft bragg area and just bought my TH yesterday. There are some trails on the out skirts of ft bragg I'm going to go to this weekend, and occasionally after that. If anyone is interested in joining me send me a pm.
Welcome, there is a trip planned for Uwharrie on 10/21/17, see link below:

Winston Salem here. my daughter and I would be down for a trip to Uwharrie sometime next year when they reopen. but her TH is all stock, so no hard stuff/rocks for her...

Stock here except tires, have done Dutch John and the backside of Daniel and only bumped the front passenger corner plastic and popped that back out with a hairdryer and gloved hand, :D.
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Here you go guys, this weekend, I can't go, too much going on my end but, there is going to be a bunch going, have fun for me:

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