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No Show at Sacramento Auto Show

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The Cherokee was supposed to be available for test driving at the show. It wasn't even there on the showroom floor.:mad:
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I find this a bit hard to believe with the over 17,000 Cherokees, Chrysler had in storage, but my salesman told me that when he went for training on the new Cherokee earlier this week, there was only one Latitude and one TrailHawk there. When Chrysler was asked why they said everyone of those 17,000 was spoken for. All 17,000 were either a dealer order or customer order and the vehicle is in short supply. So far no extra speculation units have been built. I am just down the road from Chrysler Headquarters and the large storage yard at Flat Rock which had over 3,000 Cherokees in it. That made that comment even more interesting. I have read reports that some dealers realizing the Cherokee is in short supply have begun charging $200 over sticker and are saying that could go as high as $1,000 over sticker by the end of the year. My salesman claims he personally has a waiting list of 6 customers wanting one of his dealer ordered Cherokees when they come in. I have a Cherokee Limited ordered that is in D1 build status with an expected dealer delivery date of 11/4. We will see how that pans out.
Wow, I didn't know the demand was so high. Glad I was able to put my name on one of the dealer orders - hadn't been built, though - in advance.
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