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New Trailhawk Owner in the Communist Capital of the World NY!

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Hi everyone a new Trailhawk owner in northern Ny here. Have to distinguish myself from those hippies down south of me. Cruised this site for a while before i decided to buy. Happy with my purchase went with anvil color.


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I really like the second picture... it shows how good the new TH can crawl anything in any angle :angel:

Congrat for your new ride... very nice !!!!!
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My Trailhawk crawls sideways threw da Air. Will have to fix that pic LoL
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Congrats!!! And welcome to the forums, love anvil, it's amazing what light does to the colour!
Welcome and no need to be embarassed. Even a Texan like me knows Upstate ain't NYC!

Congrats on the TH.

Welcome and congrats on the TH.

Sorry to hear you live in the People's Republic of NY.
love that Anvil.
and love NYC!
Northernhawk, nice Cherokee. My wife and I are originally from Western NY.
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