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New over the air update

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Just got a over the air update for my 2019.
Tell me if this looks like the most current Software version as when I check Uconnect online it always says I’m up to date.
And note I’m a Canuck so could differ from USA.
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So did they reward you with free Sirius XM for life, or what??? LOL!!!😉😎
My factory radio had that somehow. I thought it was a gift for all of the Guardian issues I had, but when my radio got replaced under warranty last month, they wouldn't give it back to me. Oh well.

My radio now has a software version of 21.05.11, and it is a Canada spec.

No Off Road pages though :rolleyes: trust me, I looked several times.
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Did anyone manage to grab the "what's new" text? Mine popped up while driving and quickly went away before I could read it. :(
The one I took a picture of a while ago was very generic and wasn't that useful IMO.
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