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New over the air update

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Just got a over the air update for my 2019.
Tell me if this looks like the most current Software version as when I check Uconnect online it always says I’m up to date.
And note I’m a Canuck so could differ from USA.
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Really you know nothing is free but if you have unlimited data Sirius can become very cheap.
With my update at 22.32.10 I would still like to know where I’m at compared to others. we got thinking because I’m down in the USA when I did the update something happened with update but all is working well wiith new software plus all my settings are good.
Just one more note I have had Zero issues with this vehicle and read and followed all operating instructions from manual and some good advice from knowledgeable people on this board. Unlike a friend that played with all the 4 wheel drive functions on dry cement in the parking lot.
what happened to your friends car?
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