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New over the air update

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Just got a over the air update for my 2019.
Tell me if this looks like the most current Software version as when I check Uconnect online it always says I’m up to date.
And note I’m a Canuck so could differ from USA.
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I had to do the Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, etc. to get to my software version.

20.49.10 -Same as when they replaced the head unit last year.

The good thing is I'm showing a 4G signal, and not 3G anymore!
Guess I'll wait for the update.
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Nothing yet on my 2019 unless it updated itself while it was in the shop last week.
I'll have to check my software version. Is 22.32.10 the latest update?
Just checked again, and still stuck at: 20.49.10
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