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N. GA Off-Road Trip

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Hey all!

Looking to see how many people we would have interested in a trip in the N. GA area in January. The current date we have planned is January 14, with some (including me) camping in the area Fri-Sun. We have not picked a definite location as of yet. @HazzardSky

Currently interested I have
@goobnav ???
@rski ???

Any other takers?
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Lol, well if it's not gonna be a KL trip... I've got a friend who just bought a TRD Off-Road Tacoma, and another with a 4-Door Wrangler. Both have mentioned interest in going.

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Best thing I've googled up so far is Tray Mountain outside of Helen, GA. I'd be happy to hear other suggestions as well.
Tray Mtn actually doesn't look too bad for a trip. Most of the comments were positive. Looks like it wont be a huge challenge, but I see some spots that look interesting. I'm in it more for the exploration and having fun. Says its about a 5 mile trip. However, If i'm looking at the right thing... it looks like a large section of that road (FS 698) is seasonal, and closes on 12/31.
Tray Mtn Rd is FS 79 which doesn't look to have a seasonal restriction, though thanks for noticing 698 (Corbin Creek Rd?) does; that's one I was looking at as well. I've read that Tray Mt Rd is a bit tougher after Corbin creek Rd (the chimney mtn side).
Here's a link to the FS Maps I've been looking at. Trey Mountain is in both the Blue Ridge and Chatooga District Maps
Just posted a link to this thread in the Off-Road forum... Trying to see if we have any other interest!

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Ok; we have a location planned!

Currently looking at Durhamtown OHV Resort. It's a private area, open year-round. It's about 1.5hrs east of ATL in Union Point GA. (www.durhamtown.com)

The trail-use fees are $25/day for each vehicle. $10/passenger. Then the tent camping area is $20/night, split between however many people we have camping.

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tbrou- I just moved from GA and a good place to look for areas and get some pointer is Georgia Jeepers group. They have a FB page. Also have a friend that helps with Fulton County Jeepers that could highlight some other places. Durhamtown is pretty good and lots of people like it.

I would be interested but I think I am already headed down to Augusta and have family time planned as I am a geo-bachelor here in NOVA.

I will let you know when he gets back to me.

Have fun.
Thanks for the info! Ill look at those sites. I think I've seen the GA Jeepers website; if not theirs then one similar.

Hope you can make it: the more, the merrier! Lol.

I think as of right now, we have myself, @HazzardSky, and possibly (probably?) @bmendenhall1. Plus my two tag-a-longs if i can get them to commit. Anyone from the NOVA area maybe want to join in? Its not that far of a drive. :wink:

@Rojhan, @MarinR00, @gravitywell, @RegalTraveler
Hey man - thanks for the invite! Don't think I can make this one. Got a lot of travel this year, to include a trip out to CO and a little something at the Biltmore in OCT. :)

But depending on how much time my wife and I can get off, maybe we can link up and run a local trail. Up to you to find a good one!
Ha ha, I don't know of any actual OHV areas around here or near Biltmore, but I've been finding out that there are pretty cool little areas all over the place. Just gotta explore and find them!

It's nice to have a Jeep and be able to go *almost* wherever!

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everyone scared of sheep hallow..lol.. i drive a 02 escort now i dont think it would make it up a curb..
Why you driving an escort?

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Photos from our day at Durhamtown OHV Resort.

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Some more

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