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My "buyer's remorse" is going away.

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As some of you may know from my comments in several threads, I have felt some regret that I settled on a Limited instead of a TH (and trading in my 2013 Ford Escape and getting a Cherokee in the first place). I have had my Cherokee 6 days now. We went on an overnight trip to Reno this weekend and I have to say the Cherokee exceeded my expectations. Even my passengers commented about how quiet and comfortable the ride was. The ride wasn't bouncy or firm. It was just right. I felt secure driving on the snow and ice that was encountered. Gas mileage was 27.2 mpg calculated (245.7 miles and 9.04 gallons). Mostly freeway but some city and slowing due to weather conditions. I have the AWD AND 3.2L engine. :)
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The harsh shifting, tight fit on the seats (I'm obese, this is on me not the car), and the poor gas mileage are keeping my remorse levels peaked. It exceeds expectations every other metric, I love the car, but these three stand out as BIG downers. And I only expect one of the three to ever be fixed. Netting 15 miles a gallon around town should be a big black eye for this vehicle and I don't think enough stink is being made about it, personally, when Jeep was crowing from the rooftops about the MPG rating for so long. It was one of the biggest factors in my decision to go this route.
Hang in there, and let the motor bed in.....combined with Winter Gas (if your in those states) gas milage will be quite bad this time of year
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