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My "buyer's remorse" is going away.

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As some of you may know from my comments in several threads, I have felt some regret that I settled on a Limited instead of a TH (and trading in my 2013 Ford Escape and getting a Cherokee in the first place). I have had my Cherokee 6 days now. We went on an overnight trip to Reno this weekend and I have to say the Cherokee exceeded my expectations. Even my passengers commented about how quiet and comfortable the ride was. The ride wasn't bouncy or firm. It was just right. I felt secure driving on the snow and ice that was encountered. Gas mileage was 27.2 mpg calculated (245.7 miles and 9.04 gallons). Mostly freeway but some city and slowing due to weather conditions. I have the AWD AND 3.2L engine. :)
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Cherokee Limited 4x4 Dark cherry red
I would have opted for a trail Hawk but my other half intervened after she got to test drive a V6 FWD latitude..
She wanted several features not on the Trail Hawk like memory seats etc.
So in the spirit of compromise I ordered: Limited 4x4, V6, Tech, Luxury group, Tow, active drive 2 (off road suspension), and Nav. Now all I have to do is figure out if I can get a set of red tow hooks installed at some point. Kind of like a Trail Hawk dressed for a formal event. The best I can do at this stage in life.
I use to have a 2001 Cherokee Sport with off road package. It was the best and most fun vehicle I have ever had.
I am coveting every Trail Hawk I see today!
That is exactly what I've been struggling with. I would need the Trailhawk's features about 20-30 days out of the year for heavy snow and off-roading, but man does it look cool.
You have to get what you want/need. If you don't you will regret it for years to come.
Like I posted previously I compromised with the wife on the Limited vs. the Trail Hawk.
I got Active Drive 2 in order to get some extra off road clearance and suspension. Tow Group covers the extra cooling.
I will not rock climb/drive on rock covered trails etc. so no need for skid plates. The worst I drive on is dirt/mud trails when I go camping/fishing.
The tires handled the snow just fine and waiting to try them on 12" snow pack. My regrets are gone after 3 weeks of driving this limited.
I am still envious every time I see a trail hawk on the road (1) or in print.
Get what you want!:(

Limited 4x4
V6 W/AD2
Tech, luxury, tow, and Navigation
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