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For anyone debating on using their KL Cherokee on the Mount Washington Auto Road, I say enjoy the view from the top!! The KL Cherokee made driving up the Mount Washington Auto Road a breeze! I have a 2014 Cherokee Limited on stock tires and it did very well. For those who don't know the Auto Road is an 8 Mile, 6,288 ft drive up to the top. It's a slightly narrow, paved road with a portion of a dirt and gravel mix. The road takes you all the way to the top of Mount Washington, which is the highest peak in the north-eastern United States. The car performed very well driving up the mountain, and very well driving back down. I put the Transmission temperature screen on the dashboard to monitor how hot it was getting and it reached 203 degrees fareinhieght (this heating up of the trans is expected due to the climb). The only thing I would recommend keeping a super close eye on besides the trans temp, is how hot your breaks are getting. Throughout the ride down the mountain, the breaks and the transmission were getting very hot. I could smell the breaks when I pulled off to let the trans and breaks cool off periodically going down the mountain. You have to keep your car in first gear all the way down the mountain to take some of the "slowing down work" off of the breaks. Overall it was a great expereince and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a spectacular view. As always make sure to read up on the suggestions from the experts who work there before going up the Auto Road. Stay safe and enjoy! Attached to the post will be some pictures from the top of the mountain.
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