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Mopar Trailhawk Springs

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If I am upgrading shocks and adding 2" MFC lift but want to replace springs with brand new MOPAR TH springs (as some have suggested) does anyone know the specific part number on replacement TH springs?

Searching MOPAR has not narrowed it down and not sure which specific spring my TH has. Definitely don't want to buy the wrong ones and lower the TH.

Who has the most miles on their trailhawk? Mine has about 120k now.
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Rear springs, right? (front are struts)
Well, if that's the case then yes. I didn't realize front was different from the back.
I replaced struts and shocks, but used the original springs. Is there a problem with your current springs?

If you go to Mopar Parts Online and use your VIN, you'll get the correct part numbers for everything.
I'm not noticing any obvious issue with suspension. Over time they just kind of slowly go and you don't realize how much until you change them out. My TH is sitting at 122kmiles, and the offroad miles have been few. Overall, I could not be happier with the performance of the suspension on or off road. It has done very well.

Still hungry for more ground clearance and I feel I will keep this TH for another 100k miles (knock on wood) since I have a lifetime wrap warranty. As long as I don't bust a 2" increase of lift, my warranty stays intact, but I can't say the same for my muffler (it has some dings for sure).
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts