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Michigan Members...Roll Call!!

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Post here if you live in Michigan. :smile:

We can get a tally of members here.
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Grand Blanc
Me too.
Well technically I'm not an owner...YET....
I just got my VIN from the dealer. It's been two weeks since I placed the order for a silver TH. Estimated deliver date is 10/25.

But.....I'm in Dexter, small town a bit west of Ann Arbor.


PS - would be fun to get some kind of a gathering and group photo. My old car club used to do this and it was a great way to meet other owners.
Wlcome :)

I agree, it would be cool to find a weekend where all the Michigan members can get together for a photo, and hang out for a day.
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Ok, we have a TON of people reporting in from Michigan.

Where should we meet? Id like to do an offroad meet with fairly tame trails for a short/half day get together. Anyone have any suggestions? We are moving into snow season so maybe just a paved road meet would be better for the first get together.

I can propose a couple places but they are going to be somewhere close to me that I know. As an example, the Culvers on Lapeer road right near the Palace in Auburn Hills has a big parking lot and loves to cater to car clubs.

Culvers on Lapeer Road by The Palace of Auburn Hills

Anyone else have any suggestions? Ill let this hang out for suggestions for a week or so. If we don't come up with any other ideas, Ill start down the path of coordinating a meet at this Culvers with Culvers to make sure we don't over lap with another activity on the same day/time.

I like the location, and I am free on the weekends. Maybe send a mass email to all the michigan members to see who will show up/RSVP at the least.

I think Culvers would be a great first time meet up location. Then maybe next time, we do some light/tame trailing somewhere.

I am getting pumped EAK. I think this could be really fun.
Representing Royal Oak, MI and Team Brilliant Black KL!
Cool, thanks for finding us.:smile:
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I would be up for some light off-roading, and would still like to have that meet at Culvers, probably in the spring when the weather breaks.
@A65thor, welcome to the forum :)

Thanks for finding us, enjoy this awesome forum :)
All I have to say is MICHIGAN ... WAY TO REPRESENT.

Over 30 Cherokees -- seriously, I stopped counting -- as I traveled MI today. Zero in Indiana (though my travels there were just over an hour total) and three on my combined trips through Illinois (2 travelling South, 1 North).

Trip: IL/WI state line to Hamtramck, MI & Back with a detour to U of M in Ann Arbor for a couple hours.

I was impressed with the quality of your highway roads. Not sure how much they tax you for that .. but wish our roads were like that (ours are more like off-road conditions).


Yeah, there are tons of cherokee's here. I see 6+ per day. Glad you had a great trip.
St. Clair Shores
Welcome. :)
A/C last week and heater on last night, feels like spring in Michigan to me.

Has anyone set a date for meeting at Culvers?
Not yet, it seems this is everyone's busy time at work.
Welcome aboard!!
Grand Haven represented here.
Great, welcome aboard!!

Howell here 2015 latitude 3.2 4x4
Welcome to the forum!! Great looking cherokee.

Sweet! Thanks for finding us.
Lake Orion, MI :nerd:
Farmington Hills
Warren, Mi
Here.... LoL... Sorry. Orion Twp. Trading in 2014 for 2016 TH Monday :0

I may have driven past some of you. I work in Romeo at the Ford Proving Ground. Tons of cherokee's around those parts.

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GR. Bought my wife an ecco green limited in october cause she didnt want to drive her vw beetle one more winter.. So far shes driven the jeep like four times.. Maybe next winter.
Welcome. She may appreciate it more when there is a foot or two of snow on the ground. :)

How do you like the Cherokee?
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I havent looked in this thread forever. For so long there were only 2 or 3 of us that posted we were from michigan. Now theres a ton!

I live near Pine Knob. If you see "PSE" and "Deer Crossing" stickers on the rear most side windows, thats me.

Cool, now I know which one is you.
I'm from Kalamazoo, but I live in CO currently. I miss MI

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Welcome fellow Michigander. :)
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Welcome to the club!
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