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Michigan Members...Roll Call!!

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Post here if you live in Michigan. :smile:

We can get a tally of members here.
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About a mile from Pine Knob
Where should MI KL owners meet?

Ok, we have a TON of people reporting in from Michigan.

Where should we meet? Id like to do an offroad meet with fairly tame trails for a short/half day get together. Anyone have any suggestions? We are moving into snow season so maybe just a paved road meet would be better for the first get together.

I can propose a couple places but they are going to be somewhere close to me that I know. As an example, the Culvers on Lapeer road right near the Palace in Auburn Hills has a big parking lot and loves to cater to car clubs.

Culvers on Lapeer Road by The Palace of Auburn Hills

Anyone else have any suggestions? Ill let this hang out for suggestions for a week or so. If we don't come up with any other ideas, Ill start down the path of coordinating a meet at this Culvers with Culvers to make sure we don't over lap with another activity on the same day/time.

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Where is "Bull Gap"?

I'd like to do an off-road meet as well. I'm not interested in 1mph rock crawling (yet) and would prefer some nice trails through the woods.

I do a lot of camping in the Mio area and there are TONS of trails through the forests up there. I've taken my S-10 Blazer on many of them so they are perfect for our Jeeps.

I'd be up for spending the night in the woods surrounded by other Jeepers and a nice camp fire, if anyone is like-minded. There are a few nice areas about 8 miles East of Mio that are federal land so you can pretty much camp anywhere.

There is a very popular hill climb called "Bull Gap" but without paddles we wouldn't make it. Still, there are some nice trail heads in that area.


That is an example of the Bull Gap area. At the 5:30 minute mark of so is what I enjoy.

Looks cool to me. I had never ehard of the place.



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Great to see so many more Michiganders!

I havent looked in this thread forever. For so long there were only 2 or 3 of us that posted we were from michigan. Now theres a ton!

I live near Pine Knob. If you see "PSE" and "Deer Crossing" stickers on the rear most side windows, thats me.

Hey given that it's hard to find information on this. I figure the Michigan roll call would be the best place to ask if people have taken their KLs out on the silver Lake sand dunes yet?

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If you google "silver lake Cherokee" there's a couple of YouTube videos. I posted them here when I found them last summer so I think you can search on here for Silver Lake.
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