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Looking to get into a Jeep

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Hey everyone. I’m looking to add a new vehicle for myself. I have found some used cherokee’s I want to look at. Before I do that I figured I would come here and see what to look for to not get into a lemon or a bad vehicle. I’m looking strongly towards a 2015 Cherokee latitude with the 3.2 v6.
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It's had 2 (single) owners, no rental car history. No accidents or weird maintenance. Recalls are zero for this vehicle. Arrived & stayed in NM state. I'm in WA state. It's on Carvana. I've driven a local one but this one has the "bells & whistles" I'm looking for.
my 2 cents - keep up the test driving. do a lot of them. doesn't matter if the Cherokees you drive are exactly what you want. just get some miles in. try highways, especially highway hills. the last thing you want is some kind of buyers remorse cuz you didn't know about something. try lots of local roads with traffic lights & stop signs to see how it stops, downshifts & starts again from a stop. drive your local roads & routes. including parking it where you usually shop etc.

so many ppl on so many auto forums often write about how they didn't know or weren't aware of this or that, which all could have been avoided up front before the purchase

also try multiple dealers. if any dealer gives you cr*p, cross them off the list. when I shop for a car, I'm also shopping for a dealer. there's 1 dealer in our state, who owns multiple dealerships for multiple brands. after several bad experiences, I never go to any of his dealerships. one of his salesmen actually said to me: "give me your keys, you won't need them anymore, I will sell you a car today" of course I did not give him my own cars keys. & when I got back from my test drive & handed the dealer's keys to someone at the desk, the salesman ran out to my car & asked me: "but what am I gonna tell my boss?" poor guy, working there must be living hell
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Drove a 2020 Trailhawk, pretty loaded, leather, V6, towing package, cold weather package, no rental history, 17200 miles, 1 owner, no accidents of any sort. An OR/WA vehicle. No rust under from what I saw (yes I wiggled underneath). I dove it (with the sales gal) for 2 hours, yes really. By the time I was done I was pleasantly surprised. Not squirrly at all.I've never driven any Jeep & I liked the feel, the handling, luv I can tow up to 4500lbs, and the room it has. The only things I don't like is: no tint on the front windows, it's "billet silver" color, and those Firestone destination tires with the white lettering have to be the fugliest tire ever!🤣 Verdict? I bought it. Pick it up tomorrow. I think everyone has buyers remorse at some point in a vehicle. Unless your ultra rich and can buy EXACTLY what you want/desire, whatever. 😉 If I'll miss one thing, it'll be gas mileage for sure! Encore was 27-30mpg. As Mark asked, "is it worth taking the risk?" Yes, I think so.😁Thanks everyone!
awesome! silver is a great color, it always looks clean!
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