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Looking to get into a Jeep

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Hey everyone. I’m looking to add a new vehicle for myself. I have found some used cherokee’s I want to look at. Before I do that I figured I would come here and see what to look for to not get into a lemon or a bad vehicle. I’m looking strongly towards a 2015 Cherokee latitude with the 3.2 v6.
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I owned a 2015 2.4l Limited. That vehicle gave me so much trouble with having to get things fixed and replaced. The transmission was terrible, but working normally according to dealer after several visits. Luckily I never had any issues with the actual engine, which I know people rag on the 2.4l, but the power suited me just fine and I didn't need to tow anything. But after all of the headache that I had with that vehicle, I swore off ever buying another jeep product due to poor reliability reasons. As I was researching and driving other vehicles in the same class, nothing touched the Jeep Cherokee in terms of style, comfort, and versatility. I wanted to leave for another manufacturer, but I just couldn't find anything else I fell in love with the same way I did with the Cherokee. So I found a place that gave me a great trade in offer, which was way more than I owed on the loan, and traveled to Northern Virginia to buy another Cherokee. I got a new 2019 Cherokee Latitude Plus 4x4 2.4l, and am happy with my decision to stay with the Cherokee. So far, fingers crossed, my Jeep has given me no trouble. However, I did buy the 7 yr/unlimited miles Maxcare warranty for piece of mind. The 2019 is way more refined than my 2015, and they have come a long way with the transmission. The advice I would give you is to look at the Carfax, and see what type of service entries were done on the vehicle, as that can sometimes be an indicator of a potential problem. I would also look at the prices of a new Cherokee vs an older model, as with some of the rebates Jeep is offering, you can sometimes find a new one for not much more than a used one. Also I would highly consider checking to see if a Mopar Maxcare warranty is available for the vehicle you are looking at, you may not have to use it, but it sure payed for itself in my situation.
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